The Challenges of Integrating Mobile Marketing

By David Sparks, Founder and GM of Target Rich Solutions

For years we have watched as brand marketers struggle with how to integrate Mobile into their digital plans. Because of Opt-In requirements, concerns about privacy and a lack of commercially unoffensive “push advertising” opportunities, Mobile as a medium has been the Holy Grail.

As Mobile has become more and more important to consumers for search, E-Commerce, social media, etc., marketers have increasingly turned to Mobile Apps. The challenges are significant: getting the down load, keeping them engaged and integration with other digital elements.

Things have changed. We are at the threshold of a new Mobile age. The growth of smart phones has enabled integration with Wi-Fi, GPS, Mobile Apps and Beacons. The age of real-time, proximity marketing has arrived.

The newest way to get more aggressive about using Mobile entails working through a web-based platform that does 100% of the implementation, deployment and response.

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