Technology: The Way Forward

Let Technology Update and Transform Your Business

Companies of all sizes need technology to meet demand and outpace competition. Replacing manual processes with technology streamlines operations, gives business owners more control and insight, increases customer engagement and ultimately, increases revenue.

For some, it may seem overwhelming to make the leap to a digital transformation, but we simplify the process with a custom road map for integrating technology into business operations and customer experience.

We work with clients to implement three phases of digital transformation and use of technology:

Phase 1: Digital Adoption

Assessment: We begin by assessing the current state and level of technology within the company.

Recommendations: Based on our findings, we recommend upgrades, new products, new strategies and more for bringing companies into the future.

Adoption: Then we help clients to define and adopt a digital foundation that builds a basic, strong technological infrastructure. Includes:

  • Online presence (website, social media, blogs, and more)
  • Mobile friendly
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools
  • Internal Processes tools
  • Digital marketing tools like PPC, SEO, analytics, tracking and reporting

Phase 2: Digital Migration

Implementation: This phase begins to implement recommendations by migrating technology into the company. This is a transitional phase to execute upgrades and add new technology launching each element strategically and methodically. The speed and efficiency of the deployment depends upon many factors such as company planning and budgets, installment schedules, and training.

Phase 3: Digital Transformation

The final phase is the full execution of recommended technology, resulting in Digital Transformation. This is the how the final business model looks with the power of technology. The client takes full ownership of all elements while we offer ongoing support as needed.

Why Make a Change?

Making the leap to Digital Transformation requires change. We help owners to think outside the box, to understand the tools available to them and to embrace the change needed that moves their business forward.


Change Requires Business Owners to rethink how they go to market.
Businesses must adapt to these changes to compete and meet demand.


Build a Go-to-Market Plan powered by technology.
Target Rich Solutions offers highly effective go-to-market plans that allow businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently.


Implementation is the key to success.
We employ a pilot approach to ensure that every element of the plan is thoroughly tested before going live.


Target Rich Solutions is a one-stop solution for all your needs.
We provide media buying, digital expertise, creative services, website development and more.