Within the United States Covid-19 cases are set to surpass 4.7 million with more than 155,000 confirmed deaths. Approximately, 53 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance, making it more than the total number of cases filed during the Great Recession.

Due to Covid-19  foot traffic has dropped precipitously as more and more customers have self-quarantined at home. Subsequently, a number of major U.S-based companies regardless of market sector have announced plans to downsize.

American Airlines, the largest U.S. airline carrier plans to do away with 25,000 workers. Hilton Hotels, a U.S., multinational hospitality company plans to cut 2,000 jobs. J.C. Penney, one of the largest chains of department stores in the U.S. plans to close 150 stores. Chevron, the second-largest oil provider in the U.S., plans to reduce its workforce by 15%.

However, there is good news, yes, good news! The Pandemic will not last forever. A new norm, though unforeseen, will emerge. In the interim below are some tips your business can adopt to keep customers engaged, even from a distance.

Communicate with Your Customers

  • Utilize your social media platforms, website and video chats when communicating
  • Adopt a ‘we’re in this together’ tone and attitude
  • Let your customers know your every move, the good and the bad
  • Succinctly describe actions taken to mitigate risk, it minimizes customer anxiety

Have a Plan for Your Customers

  • Outline your clear, concise and detailed plan of action
  • Revise policies to align to current market conditions to underpin the company’s collective customer support, it keeps the customer informed

Don’t Just Say It – Show Your Customers 

  • Spotlight short and/or long-term offerings like a limited, interest-free payment schedule, free upgrades or deep discounts
  • Never over promise
  • Concisely outline process guidelines, it builds customer confidence

Have an Event for Your Customers

Facebook or Instagram Live! are expedient platforms to showcase a product launch or an anniversary. It’s great for customer engagement.

Demand is out there, and if a business can deliver a better product or service, they can capitalize on this revenue. It is all about rethinking how customers are behaving and companies that can re-emerge in a new paradigm, WILL survive and WILL grow from this Pandemic, which is good news.

Remember, your customer base is watching and will be loyal to those companies with empathy and that emphasize a “we are in this together’’ posture, which creates potential of more good news in the Pandemic aftermath.

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