As the pandemic stubbornly persists, as of this writing, COVID-19 cases within the United States have now surpassed 13 million with more than 267,000 confirmed deaths and counting. With national unemployment at more than 11.5 million (October, 2020) there are two stark realities at play here.

  1. Businesses need to transform in order to survive and thrive.
  2. This new normal has revolutionized how we now work and is deemed as the catalyst for completely rethinking how we do business.

While the pandemic has brought its challenges, it’s also delivered opportunities. To survive, firms have learned to pivot, reevaluating their go to market plans, customer bases, how goods and services are delivered, as well as the use of technology and more.

Digital is undoubtedly playing a transformative role in this new normal. Buying and consumption patterns are dramatically impacted by extensive increases in online purchase behaviors, and the increasing use of mobile in every aspect of life. Within the U.S. adults spend just under three hours on their smart phones daily, and mobile web traffic accounts for more than 50% of global traffic.

It is imperative that companies, regardless of size, accelerate their use of technology in order to adapt. This will enable them to focus on more complex tasks to drive innovation, improve the customer experience and product evolution that address the shifting marketplace.

What is Digital Transformation?

By definition, digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, by replacing non-digital or manual processes or older digital technology with newer digital processes and technology. It eliminates many manual processes and repetitive tasks, streamlining operations driving financial performance. Research by Deloitte shows, “Companies with a high level of digital maturity are 2x-3x more likely to achieve benefits and likely to be more focused on innovation and growth.”

Target Rich Solutions

Some companies may require outside assistance to navigate their way through and help with monetizing strategic business opportunities in the areas of new product development, business strategy, channel management, digital/interactive marketing and competitive responses.

Target Rich Solutions (TRS) powered by a group of marketing veterans is the key in helping companies traverse these unchartered waters. At TRS we offer the following:

  1. A Go-To-Market Plan – a custom road map for improving, integrating, and delivering technology into business operations, as well as enhancing customer interaction, communication, and engagement. We work with each client to assess in three phases how their use of technology can be optimized.
  2. Digital Marketing – a holistic digital plan to provide more online presence through the use of such tools as mobile, website enhancement, PPC, SEO, analytics, tracking and reporting, and more, all customized to the individual needs and circumstances of each business
  3. Marketing Budget – recommended marketing spends and budget
  4. Online Presence – website recommendations and/or suggested improvements
  5. Online Deliverability – products and services that can be delivered digitally without personal contact

TRS is a forward-thinking firm committed to accelerating the use of digital technology in organizations of all sizes. Founded in 2005, TRS is well-equipped to assist your company during and after this Pandemic. For more information on how TRS can help, contact us.