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Lakewood, CO, February 25, 2021: Target Rich Solutions has announced it is offering companies a Free Pandemic Assessment that will provide digital go-to-market tactics, recommendations for website improvements, and a Digital Transformation evaluation. Pandemic Assessment:

According to David Sparks, General Manager at Target Rich Solutions,
Successful firms that have survived have had to reevaluate their go-to-market plans, their customer base, how they deliver goods and services, and their use of technology. We can help firms accelerate their digital transformation.”

The transformative role digital plays in this new normal is massive and here to stay. Traditional purchase and consumption behavior have been turned upside down by significant shifts to ecommerce and the increased use of mobile in all aspects of life.

Sparks went on to explain, “Companies of all sizes need to accelerate their use of technology to adopt to the new normal and to enable them to once again plan for growth.”

Target Rich Solutions Pandemic Assessment provides a custom road map for improving and integrating technology into business operations, product delivery and customer communication/engagement. Sparks related, “We developed the Assessment for friends and family, and it worked so well we wanted to offer it to any firm that’s trying to determine the best way to operate their business as life returns to normalcy later this year.”

Businesses need to rethink how they go to market and how technology supports it. To address today’s digitally driven consumer, even small firms have to think digital and the role of mobile.
Pandemic Assessment:

Who Is Target Rich Solutions?
Target Rich Solutions is a forward-thinking firm committed to accelerating the use of digital technology in firms of all sizes. Founded in 2010, Target Rich Solutions is powered by a group of marketing veterans with high profile experience in more than seventy market sectors.

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