Marketing in the Age of Technology: It’s Not the Gear and the Networks, It’s What It Enables That Counts

David Sparks

Founder, Sparks Consulting/Target Rich Solutions

Beacons, Pads, Mobile Phones and APPS, Wi-Fi, GPS. It’s seemingly endless and oh so amazing. In an earlier Post I commented on the integration of all this on the newest marketing frontier: Mobile Marketing.

What I did not mention was the importance of Recognition in this integration. The ability to recognize prospects and customers at the moment of truth and serve a relevant communication, with or without an incentive, is still the most important element in the newest mobile marketing trifecta: Recognition, Location and Proximity.

For instance, we can now detect when someone is driving by the super market and serve a reminder message. We can also detect when they are in that store and standing 2 feet away from the frozen pizza section. Recognition [and historical purchase behavior] enables the store or a brand marketer to push out a powerful personalized interaction. Pretty cool.

Just thinking…. So why when I walk into my mobile provider’s store do I get a number in the queue, when they could also be instantly accessing my phone and running a diagnostic? That way when its my turn to be served, the service rep knows what is going on with my device and even what he/she could up-sell me?

Just thinking.